TNT’s main focus is to take a group of SERIOUS minded players into the competitive arena of club field hockey in order to help prepare them for their collegiate pursuits.

It is our desire to focus on developing strong basic skills combined with both technical and tactical concentrations.

By keeping our team rosters small, we are hoping to ensure more quality touches on ball and more playing time. It is our hope to be building both consistency and camaraderie amongst the players by keeping them together over time.

We plan on keeping a low player-to-coach ratio and believe that consistency of coaching technique affords faster learning as they move through the age brackets. We feel playing time is at a premium so we are invested in training athletes who are TRULY dedicated to the sport.

Our goal is to be competitive in both local and national tournaments so that the players’ skills can be showcased by the time they reach their recruiting season.



  • TNT prides itself in being a ‘family’. Our closeness and caring for each other sets us apart from other teams.
  • We sincerely enjoy traveling and playing together. The parents understand the commitment and are supportive of their daughters.
  • When in uniform, your actions will be expected to be at the highest level of professionalism. 
  • We do not tolerate unsportsmanlike behavior on and off the court to each other, the coaches, or the officials.
  • We hope to foster great friendships and bonds that last a lifetime. This is done by using good constructive tones when addressing each other on and off the court, by not talking behind a player’s or coach’s back, and controlling our behavior when in the heat of the battle.
  • We all understand that we are in it together and it takes hard work and dedication to get there.
  • We send many training emails throughout the course of the year and we expect our players to read them. This repetition of conceptual training helps secure their ability to see it better during our training time together.
  • We understand we all have something to bring to the table and encourage each other whenever possible.

If you think you will have any issues of being able to comply with the above or are struggling with any attitude issues, then maybe we are not the right fit. 

We value our paid time for the court and coaches time, that leaves NO TIME for handling unnecessary behavioral issues.  TNT values what it has created and we want you all to be on the same page before we start.

There will be an agreement forthcoming that will list out the coach’s expectations and that you acknowledge that if a disciplinary situation should arise, that TNT reserves the right to excuse the athlete(s) from the team with no refund. We want to continue to give a positive experience for all athletes involved.