Player Registration

All players whether new to TNT or played for TNT last year are required to register. The player fee consists of the club fee at $475 per player and a $275 tournament fee for 3 tournaments. The total fee of $750 must be paid in two payments in the amount of $375 each (Payment 1 due on 10/1/2018. Payment 2 due on 11/1/2018). Do not pay this fee until you have been asked to join TNT.  Club fee payments are not refundable and the tournament fee covers 3 tournaments as scheduled by TNT (typically WC Eagles or Nook first weekend Sunday of each month unless qualifier conflicts). Tournaments can not be substituted. The club fee does not cover additional leagues or tournaments, national tournaments such as Festival, Shooting Stars, NIT Qualifiers or NIT, etc.

Simply click on the buttons below to register and make your payments. Thank you and have a great season!